Waste Focus, LLC: trash removal, solid waste management, recycling, garbage hauling, waste cost management, and many other services.


What are your fees?

This is THE most frequently asked question. The answer is, you pay NOTHING OUT-OF-POCKET! We work on a shared savings arrangement. If we can’t put money back in your pocket, our service will cost you absolutely nothing. However, if we uncover savings, we retain a percentage of the savings.

How much can I really save?

We can reduce your cost for waste removal by as much as 20% – 35%. No longer will you literally and figuratively be throwing your money into your dumpster.

How much time do I have to invest on this project?

Once the necessary documentation is provided, you could reap the benefits without any further investment of your time.

Is WasteFocus the waste and recycling hauler?

No. We don’t own garbage trucks, dumpsters or employ garbage men. We are professional WASTE MANAGERS in the management/cost containment business and work solely for our customer – YOU.

I have a contract with my hauler, can you still help me?

Absolutely! In fact, a large percentage of our customers have contracts. We focus our efforts on the service levels to make sure that they are what you need instead of what you have been oversold by the hauler.

Will I need to change haulers?

In most cases, that won’t be necessary. Because of our leverage with thousands of haulers across the country, we are able to convince your hauler that price reductions in certain areas would be appropriate.

Why can’t I do this and keep all the savings?

It requires vast experience and knowledge in the waste removal industry to achieve the savings we acquire for our customers. We are PROFESSIONAL WASTE MANAGERS. It  is not as simple as asking your hauler to reduce the amount of money you pay them.

Am I obligated to use any of your suggestions?

No. If you are not in total agreement with our recommendations, you have no obligation to us. In the event that we bid your service out to competing haulers to drive down the price, nothing is implemented until we receive your approval.

Can you help with recycling?

Definitely! A well-designed recycling program may not only earn you some money back, but it could further reduce your regular waste removal costs. However, setting up a viable recycling program is not for novices – we can assist in this area.

How can I get started?

All we need to get started is your current monthly trash invoice and service levels. This information must have service address and number of units. Waste Focus will then have a proposal in a few days.

Who do we pay for the hauler services?

You only make one payment – to Waste Focus.  Then within (5) business days of our receipt, we send the payments to the haulers.