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Since our founding, the Waste Focus Mission has been to provide our clients with the most cost effective solid waste management and trash removal services available in any given marketplace. It is also our mission ensure that all services provided are: matched to our clients’ needs; reliably delivered; and compliant with all applicable federal, state and local laws/regulations.

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Did you know?

In a lifetime, the average American will throw away 600 times his/her adult weight in garbage. This means that a 150-lb. adult will leave a legacy of 90,000 lbs of trash for his/her children.

More than 56 percent of the paper consumed in the U.S. during 2007 was recovered for recycling — an all-time high. This impressive figure equals nearly 360 pounds of paper for each man, woman, and child in America including Kansas City, MO

Americans go through 2.5 million plastic bottles every year. If every American household recycled just one out of every ten HDPE bottles they used, we’d keep 200 million pounds of the plastic out of landfills every year.

If you had a 15-year-old tree and made it into paper grocery bags, you’d get about 700 of them. A supermarket could use all of them in under an hour. This means in one year, one supermarket goes through 60,500,000 paper bags.

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Benefits of Recycling Glass in Kansas City, MO

There are a number of products, materials and items that can be recycled. The recycling of some materials, however, yields more benefits than others. Recycling glass yields benefits – from curbing pollution, to increasing profits. Let us provide you with a few examples:

Recyclable Multiple Times

Recycling has commonly been known to hamper the quality and purity of recycled material. This fact might be true in the case of several materials, but it is not at all true when it comes to glass. Glass can be recycled again and again without diminishing its quality. This means that products made out of recycled glass will have the same kind of quality as the products made out of new glass.

Reduced Environmental Pollution

If you think that the best manner for the disposing of glass is to have it dumped in a landfill, then you might want to know a few facts. If you leave a glass bottle in a landfill, the bottle could remain intact for  more than a million years, resulting in environmental pollution. Recycling the same glass bottle, on the other hand, would result in a brand new glass container that could be used in a retail store within a month. Recycling reduces environmental pollution.

Moreover, landfill sites in Kansas City are scarce. Not flooding these landfills with glass will help conserve these spaces for material that cannot be recycled – or just make better use of the landfills.

Reduced Energy Costs

Considering the matters of climate change and energy conservation, the recycling of glass might just be the thing to help. According to research, the usage of every 10 percent of recycled glass/ used glass cuts down energy costs by about 2 to 3 percent.

The glass recycling process requires the glass to be crushed first. The crushed form of glass is called “cullet”. When cullet is used to make glass, instead of the usual raw materials, the energy required is a mere 60 percent of what would have been needed otherwise. On top of that, cullet not only melts at considerably lower temperatures but is not as big of cause of pollution either. This means that the recycling of glass is not only good for the environment in Kansas City, but it might save a buck or two for Kansas City businesses as well.

Conservation of Resources

We all know the importance of preserving earth and its resources for the future generations. This provides another reason for utilizing recycled glass for making new glass, rather than making use of natural resources. According to statistics, for a ton of glass that is produced from recycled glass, 380 pounds of limestone, 1300 pounds of sand, 160 pounds of feldspar and 410 pounds of soda ash are saved. There is no reason to risk the exhaustion of these natural resources when there is a more efficient alternative available.

Reduced Waste Disposal Costs

When you speak of the waste of a majority of businesses in Kansas City, you could say that glass comprises of a major chunk of these wastes. For instance, 8 percent of household waste streams are comprised of glass. If glass is recycled, it will significantly reduce the amount of waste that businesses and households have to deal with. As the ratio of glass recycling increases, a business will find its waste collection and waste disposal costs decreasing. On top of that, businesses will also be able to save money on landfill taxes, ultimately meaning that there are significant savings to be gained.

Specialized Products

Until now, we have been speaking of glass made out of recycled glass as opposed to glass made out of raw materials. However, there are certain products which require the need for glass to be made out of recycled glass only.  From decorative tiles, to special glass containers, to the rebuilding of eroded beaches—there are quite a few products and quite a few ways in which recycled glass has an edge over its alternatives.

Why You Need Waste Focus

An important thing to keep in mind regarding the recycling of glass, is that not all kinds of glass can be recycled. Most glass used in decorations is not recyclable, while colored glass is considered to be recyclable. There are exceptions to this general rule, meaning that you need an expert to suggest whether the piece of glass under question can be recycled.

Regardless of how advisable it might be for businesses to recycle their waste glass, it is a fact that a majority of businesses do not have the time or the energy to focus on such a job. Some business managers are so caught up in their day to day operations that matters such as waste management are of lower priority. This is where Waste Focus comes into the picture. Waste Focus can cater to the businesses in Kansas City and help them with not only with their glass recycling needs, but fulfilling most other waste management needs as well.

Waste Focus prides itself on only billing its clients in Kansas City for its services if it is able to achieve cost savings for them. Regardless of whether it’s through glass recycling, or some other method, Waste Focus wants to cut down the money that you spend on your business’ waste management needs!

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