Waste Focus, LLC: trash removal, solid waste management, recycling, garbage hauling, waste cost management, and many other services.


Cost Savings

Operational Review
Waste Focus will configure each location’s waste handling services and waste equipment. This review will allow us to tailor your services to the waste type for each location.

Cost Savings Analysis
Waste Focus will bid and right-size your company’s waste disposal & recycling services using our industry knowledge, preferred vendor pricing and national purchasing power based on volume.

Cost Containment
Once we’ve successfully reduced your expense, we then shift our focus to maintaining the cost reductions.

Service Optimization

Waste Equipment Management
Preventative maintenance and repair programs.

Universal Recycling and Electronics Recycling (e-cycling) 
Savings, recommendations and reporting for special waste items such as light bulbs, batteries, etc.

Custom Disposal Solutions
For bulk items, construction & demolition, special projects, confidential documents and more.

Billing, Auditing and Reporting 

Dedicated AP/AR Specialists Handle Your Account
Get personalized attention for your specific billing needs or requests.

Monthly Auditing
Haulers send us your invoices and we audit for accuracy, then we consolidate the bill into a concise invoice per location.  Each line item in your bill is checked against your customer profile.  We obtain any necessary corrections or credits for you.

Easy Online Payments
We email your invoice to you and you can pay your bill in just a few clicks, or you can still opt to receive your bill through the mail.

Flexible Management Reports
We can provide customized reports to suit your company’s needs.

Contract Management

Monitor Hauler Contracts and Terms
Allowing you to focus on other core business matters, Waste Focus will track existing renewal dates for you to avoid extended hauler contracts.  This will give us more leverage in negotiating bid agreements with savings in your best interest, rather than the hauler’s.




Centralized Support 

Toll-Free Call Center
Whether it’s first contact or follow-up calls, Waste Focus customer service representatives ensure your service requests have been confirmed and completed.  All calls are documented and we ensure your company’s procedures are followed.