Waste Focus, LLC: trash removal, solid waste management, recycling, garbage hauling, waste cost management, and many other services.

About Us

Who we are

Expert knowledge in waste industry:
Waste Focus’ team has decades of experience in the waste removal and recycling industry.

Waste Focus was formed by a group of solid waste industry professionals who saw a niche opportunity to help corporations combat escalating solid waste collection and disposal expenses by marrying together the purchasing leverage of a Group Purchasing Organization, the operational knowledge of waste industry insiders, and the advanced technology available to us today. Our staff members have spent many years involved in the waste industry in various capacities.

Collectively we have:

  •  Run waste collection and disposal companies
  •  Operated recycling companies
  •  Designed and built a transfer station
  •  Managed landfill operations


Bob Benjamin is the President of Waste Focus LLC.  He has 34 years’ experience in the waste removal industry and has served in many different positions – from landfill manager to national sales manager – with several waste and recycling companies.  Through his experiences, Bob discovered a use for his industry knowledge that served his customer’s needs, not just the hauler’s.  With this niche in mind, WasteFocus was formed.

Now in his 14th year as the founder and President of Waste Focus, Bob and his team have secured thousands of locations nationwide.  With the negotiating leverage Bob has obtained through having this large customer base, Waste Focus looks forward to continued growth in its market share of new businesses and franchises across the country.  

If you would like to find out more about how Bob can save your company money, he can be reached at:

President & Partner
Bob Benjamin
Phone | (413) 786-1331 x204
Fax | (413) 786-1305
Cell | (603) 401-7014

What we know

We know what the disposal costs should be for any particular area of the country, what the operating costs and profit margins are for waste haulers, and exactly what services and equipment you will need to operate efficiently and cost effectively. With the complexity of the waste industry and its guarded secrets, there is a substantial opportunity to offer our expertise and the advantage of bundled purchasing power to the consumer.

We are hired by our clients to:

  • Significantly reduce solid waste and recycling expenses
  • Provide cost containment services once the savings are achieved
  • Ensure regulatory and environmental compliance
  • Allow them to focus on their core business, while we focus on their trash, our only business.

Who we help

  • Automotive Centers – Auto Service, Car Rental, Car Wash
  • Child Care / Schools
  • Churches
  • Contractors (Temporary services)
  • Distribution Centers
  • Entertainment – Amusement Parks, Bowling Alleys, Movie Theaters
  • Fuel Businesses – Gas Stations, Truckstops
  • Grocery Stores
  • Hospitality – Restaurants, Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial Complexes
  • Property Managers – Apartment Complexes, Commercial
  • Retail – Shopping Centers, Convenience Stores, Strip Malls

Aligning our interest with your goals

A waste hauler’s primary focus is to make money by hauling all of your waste at the most profitable operating margins that they can negotiate. Waste Focus is able to directly align our interests with your goals, because our profits are directly tied to a percentage of the savings that we achieve for your company. No Savings, No Fee! Since we don’t own trash companies, landfills, or benefit in any way by increasing your service volume, we have no conflicts of interest.