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 Bulk Item or Trash?

When it comes to trash, if you’ve asked yourself “is this item considered a bulk item or is it just regular trash?”, you’re not alone. Many people wonder the same thing. And with rules varying from state to state, it makes it even more confusing. Hopefully, this will help answer your questions.

Let’s start out by saying: If you are unsure of whether or not you can throw an item in your trash bin, contact your customer service rep at WasteFocus to find out. This will help you avoid any fees or issues.  Chances are that if you have to think about whether your trash is a bulk item or not, it’s probably not meant to be in the trash.

“I’ll just put that carpet in the trash…it’s not a big deal.”   The town WILL tag your bin if they see a bulk item or a prohibited item that does not belong in it. If you have a private trash hauler, you run the risk that they may not pick up your trash, or they may pick it up and charge you extra for the prohibited items.

“Don’t make haste when it comes to your waste.” This may sound silly, but this is very serious to the trash removal companies. “But why? It’s just garbage. Doesn’t it all just get sent to the dump anyway?” The answer to that is a resounding NO!   Regular household trash does, of course, go to incinerators and/or landfills. But when it comes to bulky items and recyclables, there are many different processes that happen with these once they are brought to the disposal site. If these items get mixed up in any way, it makes it more difficult for the disposal facility’s operators to do their job.

The other issue is that bulky items getting stuck in the garbage trucks. These trucks are meant solely for picking up household trash. When bulk items get dumped into these trucks, it can cause many problems such as equipment failure or increase risk of injury to employees. Imagine the trucks are like vending machines. We all know how frustrating it can be when you press the button for the item you want and it gets stuck halfway. That’s similar to what it’s like when a bulky item gets jammed in the trash collection trucks – just on a much larger scale.

FACT: Trash is considered a “bulk item” if it exceeds 60 lbs. in weight or it is greater than 5 feet across.

Examples of Bulk Items: (items that are acceptable for bulk pick up vary from area to area)
1)  Appliances (Excludes: refrigerators, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and all electronics. These items usually need to be brought to a transfer station. Be sure to check with your town about specifics.)
2)  Carpets and Linoleum
3)  Furniture
4)  Mattresses and box springs
5)  Metal
6)  Scrap wood and lumber (no greater than 6 feet in length). It is usually requested that wood and lumber be tied into bundles for easier transport.

Prohibited Trash Items:
1)  Hazardous waste, paints, pesticides, etc. Your town will normally have a scheduled day for hazardous waste collection.
2)  Electronics, such as TV’s, computers, monitors, printers, and microwaves. These items usually go to to the transfer station.
3)  Textiles, such as used clothing, stuffed animals, and shoes. These items can either be donated or brought to a transfer station.
4)  Yard waste, leaves, grass, brush or logs – can also be brought to the transfer station.
5)  Waste and demolition material generated by a contractor for home improvement or construction are not usually accepted as part of the bulk pickup for the town trash. If you have a private hauler, make arrangements with them to pick up these materials.
6)  Asbestos, shingles, sheet rock, windows with glass, glass, fluorescent bulbs, boxes, bags.
7)  Tires, batteries, oil, vehicle parts.


If you need more information on waste disposal or bulk item pickups, please call us at (800) 530-6911 or email us at info.services@wastefocus.com.

by Melissa LaPlante