Waste Focus, LLC: trash removal, solid waste management, recycling, garbage hauling, waste cost management, and many other services.

“Are you throwing money away on your trash and recycling expenses each and every day?” asks Bob Benjamin, the President of Waste Focus LLC. “What Waste Focus does is save you typically 20-35% off of your current disposal costs. This can translate into thousands of dollars a month in savings, as we have seen through our current Dunkin Donuts franchisees.”

Bob goes on to say,” You see, the waste industry is constantly changing and so are the ways for the trash haulers to make additional revenues through fuel surcharges, administrative fees and disposal increases. To Waste Focus that means there are even more ways for us to save you money! With all of the confusion of billings and miscellaneous charges from each trash hauler, it’s almost like you need to have an employee dedicated to auditing your monthly invoice every month. That’s where Waste Focus comes in! We do all of that work for you as if we are literally an employee of yours. By doing what we do, Waste Focus allows Dunkin Donuts to focus on their core business of selling coffee and donuts.”

Having been in the waste removal business for over 2 decades Bob informs us that,” I have been working for Dunkin franchisees for so long that I have developed a greater understanding of their needs and wants. In addition to saving money, another major advantage of partnering up with Waste Focus is our organization. Sure, we do a complete audit on your total invoice each month, but in addition to that, what we also offer to you is consolidated billing. This great feature allows your AP department to write one check per month even though you may have stores located in different States, with different trash haulers.”

“Another important issue I have noticed is that there really was a need for the individual store managers to have a dedicated customer service representative to talk to.” Bob nods and smiles,” And that is exactly what we do! Waste Focus provides to the franchisees and their managers, a highly skilled and organized National Customer Service Representative that is dedicated to that store with a single phone number to call for all of their service and billing questions.”

“In closing,” Bob says,” With all that Waste Focus has to offer to all of the franchisees; over 40 years of waste consulting, a single national phone number for their individual CSR, streamlined audited bills, and last but certainly not least, thousands of dollars in monthly savings it’s no wonder why we are one of the fastest growing trash agents in the country.”

Bob Benjamin is the President of Waste Focus LLC. Bob has 29 years in the waste removal industry and has served in many different positions from landfill manager to a national sales manager. Now in his 14th year as the founder and President of Waste Focus LLC, Bob and his team have secured thousands of locations nationwide and has the negotiating leverage that comes with that. Bob and his team are looking forward to a rapid growth of his business as Waste Focus’ has their eye set on a major market share of the many different types of franchises across the country. If you would like to find out more how Bob can save your franchise money, Bob can be reached at 800-530-6911 x204, cell 603-401-7014 or email bbenjamin@wastefocus.com.  You can also contact us at www.wastefocus.com/contact/us/.