Waste Focus, LLC: trash removal, solid waste management, recycling, garbage hauling, waste cost management, and many other services.

Founded in 2003, Waste Focus, LLC is a national waste and recycling management consulting company who would like to thank our loyal customers for their ongoing support as we celebrate our fifteenth year in business.

Feeding Hills, Massachusetts
Milestones are a time of reflection. Waste Focus opened its doors 15 years ago as a single source solution for waste and recycling services management. Today the company is saving our customers an average of 20-40% for these services year after year. In addition, Waste Focus provides comprehensive auditing and billing services for its customers.

Headquartered in Feeding Hills, MA, the Waste Focus team of professionals currently service thousands of business locations throughout the country. These businesses include franchisees, hospitality, theme parks, assisted living, property managers, colleges, hospitals, and any other organization that generates trash. Waste Focus’ industry experts have almost 100 years of combined experience they utilize every day to craft programs that save our customers money toward their bottom line.

“We founded this company on the idea of providing businesses with a single source solution to manage all of their waste and recycling needs.” said Bob Benjamin, President of Waste Focus. “We are a service organization! To provide the highest level of service possible takes industry experts who are enthusiastic about developing customized programs that exceed the exact needs of each one of our customers.” added Benjamin.

“This is an extremely exciting time for the company,” said Steve Rando, National Sales Director. “We continue to expand our business by partnering with companies in new industries with our exceptional service program. We have some of the best talent in the industry who capitalize on decades of experience when servicing our installed base and new customers.”

“As we look toward the future, the biggest challenge we face is staying on top of the constantly changing waste and recycling industry.” added Benjamin. “These changes include the current challenges with recycling, state guidelines, landfills closing, and haulers increasing surcharges and administration fees.”

About Waste Focus, LLC
Waste Focus is a privately-owned national company with a demonstrated ability to provide stellar customer service, industry consulting, and billing/auditing services. To learn more about our program, please call us at (800) 530-6911, select option #3, or you can email us at sales@wastefocus.com.